Friday Harbor Labs

FHL is a marine station located on San Juan island off the Northwest coast of Washington State. The marine station is home to several researchers year round who take advantage of the wonderful facilities and easy access to marine and terrestrial ecosystems. 

How do I get to FHL?

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The labs are on an island so you cant drive (completely)! There are several ways to get here, Seattle transit offers shuttle buses from the airport (SeaTac) to the Annacortes Ferry Terminal. From there you can hitch a ride on the Ferry that will take you to downtown Friday Harbor. Once you arrive it is about a half mile from the harbor to the labs.

There are several smaller airline companies that also take passengers directly from SeaTac to Friday Harbor. click the link below to find out more about the various transit options.

Additional Travel Information

You can also rent a car at SeaTac and drive to the ferry terminal. Be aware that this method requires you to make ferry reservations in advanced. Click the link below to learn more about the ferry reservations and schedules.

WSDOT Ferry Information

What do I need to provide for the workshop 

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Participants will be required to bring 1-3 samples of tissue they would like to section. Whole specimens are encourage and can always be trimmed down to size. Please make sure all tissues are fixed in a 10% buffered formalin solution and dehydrated to 70% Ethanol. 

I have special housing requests 

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Please contact us directly with special housing or dietary needs.